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30-05-11, 18:13

I'm currently on 150mgs Trazodone (was on 100 and told to up if i didn't notice any help) and 30mgs Mirtazipine.

My GP told me that the Trazodone is to help with sleep and Mirtazipine is what helps sedate you through the day.

I've also been told conflicting advice on what dose Mirt does for you (15mgs ideal for anxiety, anything higher is intended for depression)

ANYway on my current medication i have no trouble getting to sleep, within the hour i'm off, i do notice i endure more REM sleep which is meant to be bad for you. It's the awake side of things i'm not doing too great on, still having anxious days with attacks imminent when travelling.

Just seeing if anyone else is on both of these meds together and how you get on with them. I'm having a rough time still and everytime i go to the doctors surgery i'm always seen by a different GP with conflicting advice on what i should be taking! so annoying!

05-06-11, 23:57
im sorry that i can't answer your questions but i would like to add about the trazodone/mirtazapine combination. my g.p recently suggested coming off trazodone and trying mirtazipine. what he said was that i would have to come off the trazodone and wait a week or so before starting with the mirtazapine. the impression i got was of a possible interaction. so i find it interesting that you are taking both meds. perhaps it is safe and my g.p is wrong. anyway for now im sticking with the trazodone.

06-06-11, 10:11
Well funnily enough, i missed both doses of traz and mirt Friday night, took it Saturday night and was fine yesterday then took it last night and within half an hour got an overwhelming sense that i was gonna pass out for about an hour! i'd never felt like that before, i'm going to see if it happens again tonight and see what's happening at my GP tomorrow!

To answer your question though, i've been on both of them for about 2 months with no issue and as far as i know the traz is used to get you to sleep and the mirt is used for during the day anti-depressant/anxiety control which was why i was put on the combo for 'all round effectiveness'.

15-08-12, 12:14
I'm just about to start Traz and wean off 30mg's of Mirt that I was prescribved back in March and told was a great a-d but it's made my anxiety miles worse I am sure, unless I have just got more ill all by myself, any how's the Mirtazapine hasn't helped me one weenie bit so I'm starting Traz tonight and cutting one Mirt pill out a week until it is out of my system for good. Just praying the Traz works as some days my anxiety has been terrible on Mirtazapine (I've had to take diazepam and Zopiclone to sleep too and just need to be off them and on a a-d by it's self!) I wasn't one bit depressed when I started up on Mirt too but it's made me suicidal at times but no one would listen to me and take me off it, so I got the crisis team involved yesterday and they suggested Taz despite saying Mirtazapine is usually a brilliant drug! My ex-husband is on it and it's helped him so much but just wasn't for me, cannot wait to get off it ):

17-08-12, 10:15
I'm now on day 2 of coming off Mirtazapine and going onto Trazodone, though I have yet to cut out one of my 30mg Mirtazapine pills this week...then its 2 next week, then 3 and so on for 7 weeks till I am free of it!
I'm only on 100mg's of Trazodone and have had really severe anxiety since March time so I may have to up to the full 300mg dose ??????
I'm going through a nasty divorce and though it's been going on for 4 months now I am still heavily reliant on diazepam and Zopiclone too as Mirtazapine was doing nothing to calm me down at all. At least it says on the leaflet Trazodone is used to treat anxiety so I am praying it works and I can get off the Diazepam and Zopiclone. I'm also having cbt.
The first night I actually slept from 9pm till 5am but woke up feeling terrible...mainly dizzy with palpitations and so spaced out I thought I was going to have to stop the Trazodone right away but I dared take it again last night and though I woke up at 3am the side effects, apart from five mins of feeling anixious and palpitations soon wore off and I am fine touch wood just now, not even a blocked nose like I had all day yesterday!

19-08-12, 15:07
Day 4 on 100mg's of Traz and I have no side effects at all from it now BUT I am still waking up at 3am/4am time ): I chopped my Mirtazapine down to 15mg's last night and thought that might be a bit more sedating (as it is meant to be at lower dosages) but I didn't sleep any longer. I had some anxiety, mainly nervousness this morning so took my little yorkshire terrier for a good walk and since lunch time I've felt completely normal. But I am still needing to take my Diazepam and Zopiclone at this point. It says on the leaflet Trazodone normally takes 2 weeks to start working, what dose have people been on for anxiety? I'm so worried it will fail like Mirtazapine but am trying to be positive and tell myself it will. I have weekly reviews with reagrds to the diazepam and zopiclone and live in fear of them taking me off them whilst I am still having panic attacks my anxiety is still so bad almost 5 months down the line on the full dosage of Mirtazapine!

24-08-12, 15:51
Day 9 on 100mg of Trazodone and now down to 5mg of Diazepam taken first thing when I wake up (which is still around 4/4.30am but I often fall asleep soon after 9pm or 10pm at the latest). I'm still on 75mg of Zopiclone too and have got to cut my Mirtazapine down to 7.5mg next week. Had some anxiety this morning, just felt a bit shakey and nervous first thing but it soon wore off but I still have really worrying thoughts all the time about having panic attacks as I don't feel like the Trazodone is working on it's own yet but I've been much better since I went on it and have managed 2 shopping trips this week and a day trip to the sea side. I was a bit if-y that day especially as I went along with my Sister and her 2 boys and when her youngest and my little monster get together they are really naughty showing off in front of each other, so I was stressed out big time and couldn't eat any lunch. I was fine during the afternoon though and though I did struggle at first, I am proud of myself for going along when I almost chickened out (:
No side effects at all from Trazodone now though, at first I woke with palpitations and felt really sick and dizzy but now I can't tell I'm taking it after only a short time!

26-08-12, 16:33
I spoke too soon, I am feeling really anxious and terrible to be honest right now and am gonna stop the Trazodone as I have been sky high all weekend and I will also continue weaning off Mirtazapine as I have never been right since I started on that drug...I was only having the odd panic attack because of a bad marriage but though initially I thought both these drugs were really great as I began to feel great only after taking them for a fortnight, I have become such a mess I haven't gone with my Parents and little boy for a meal out as I am too anxious to eat. I wasn't even depressed before starting up on either pill. I was just anxious about leaving my husband and was having panic attacks whenever he was on a day off but fine the rest of the time but all these ant-d's have done I'm sure is hype me up. So fed up and disappointed that I am so sky high as I really hoped Trazodone would calm me down but I've taken 15mg of dizazepam today and am still high as a kite and have now had no sleep all weekend, so it's back to the doctors on Tuesday. It's been 5 months now of hell on mIrtazapine and I am no nearer getting better. I think if I stick with the Trazodone it will only make me more anxious.
Sorry any one who is just starting up on Mirt or Traz, I just find ant-d's really make me poorly. I just can't tolerate them as I don't suffer with depression, I suffer with anxiety so don't need my brain stimulating, I need it calming. But every one's different remember and Mirtazapine was a great drug for my friend when she was was ill.

07-10-12, 18:38
Hi karenp. I hope you're feeling better? I'm on a similar combination tapering down from 30mg to 15mg on mirtazapine. Just weened off Pregabalin and am looking for something to help me sleep + take the anxiety away. Doctor mentioned Trazodone. So I'm just reading up. Been on 7.5mg zopiclone for 6 months now as I get these sleep jolts.