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01-06-11, 19:46
I have 5 of these that I managed to pick up for a bargain price at my local chemist.

Details are: A simple guide to depression - Rebecca Fox Spencer & Professor Alan Young.

Paperback with a protected clear cover.
120 pages.


The "Simple Guides" are an accessible and reliable medical resources that present the facts about a disease or condition and put them into perspective. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have lived with your condition for many years, these "Simple Guides" lead you through, from symptom detection to management within the health service.


If anyone would like a copy then the total price INCLUDING postage in the UK would be 2.50. If you live outside the UK then please PM me for a postage price.

I can accept all forms of payment including cheques.

Let me know if you are interested as it will be first come first served.

01-06-11, 20:19
I would like to buy one please :)

01-06-11, 21:32
I will PM you nutty

02-06-12, 11:59
do you still have any left?

02-06-12, 12:06
I do but the price will be a little bit more as the postage went up.

If you are interested I will work out a price and let you know

02-06-12, 12:28
yeah i am still interested. i am in plymouth if it helps