View Full Version : Coming back to work!! Anticipatory anxiety! help??

03-06-11, 18:41
Hello there I am coming back to work after almost 6 months of been in my home seek of the same/,..;$#@!@! you know what well i am going to star again sending my resumes and all to see where i am going to end up working,But the Anticipatory anxiety is killing me, again all those thuoghts of worry about what:scared15: i am going to do?? a good job or not?? or if the placement is going to like me or not?? if they will hire me or not?? well just a lot of questions that i can not answer myself i am under 550 mlg of seroquel 150 are rapid release and 400 xr, also in taking effexor 300 ml daily ,,, yes the medication works but still i fill that i need an extra help may be increasin the dose a bit more(I REALLY DONT KOW WHAT TO DO)HELP PLEASE This is one of the most terrible illnes that a human can seffer:huh::scared15:

04-06-11, 02:18
Hi Torombolo

Hope things work out for you in your new search for employment. I think you are bound to feel more stressed at the moment until you have actually started something. Once you have settled back down in to work, you probably won't feel like you need to increase your dose anymore.


05-06-11, 12:00
Well i am very concern because even though my dose is high i am feeling like i am not taking nothing why!!?? i feel very nervous and all my muscles are tight special my neck, mouth, jaw,even my theet hurts!!! i am and i am under 550 mlg of seroquel and 300 ml efexor??? i really dont know what to do???

07-06-11, 03:56
You do sound very stressed. If it is the thought of work that is making you like this, is there any way you could make it less of an ordeal? Could you start off by doing something voluntary or part-time to help get you back in to it without causing so much distress? You probably feel like the meds aren't working because you have a stress overload at the moment. If you can reduce the stress it should help.


13-07-11, 14:04
Oh my goodness I know when your having a bad time and all you want to do is crawl back to bed, the best thing to do is to try and push yourself to do something and not give into this feeling BUT I really don't think that it's your time to go back to work. Your health is far more important!!!!!
Consider your options because resuming work right now could do you more harm than good.

10-12-11, 14:10
UP DATE: Thank you to all of you for your advises, i went to my DC and he decided ot increase my seroquel xr 400 mlg and effexor xr 300 mlg and yes ,i did start to feel much better after 1 week on my new dose!! i have to say again that the combination of this two medications is great!! for anxiety and depression!! just look my post on this same webpage called "citalopram really works for my fear" THERE IS A BIT BETTER EXPLANATION OF MY MEDICATIONS.