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22-04-06, 01:30
hi all, i went to see my doctor the other day as i am experiencing extremly bad tension headaches and my body feels like its been battered and bruised....he said that stress can erupt in emotionally or physically and mine he said was physically.....so he suggested that i drop down from 10mg of cipralex to 5 mg to wean myself off them. The only thing is...is that i had very bad panic attacks before taking them and then they dissapeared but coming off them im afraid they will come back again.
Ive been reading about 5-HTP and st johns wort and been contemplating on taking these instead of the prescribed medication. The only thing is i dont know if sjw is the same as a 5-HTP stupid as it sounds.

Also im wondering if anyone knows anything herbal that eases muscular tension as im 24 but feel physicaly 84.

Im fed up of being miserable..its like living in a glass box and looking out but cannot reach what i want to or do the things i want to do....its cracking me up. Also feeling suicidal doesnt help but my doctor will not listen and keeps saying to me that im threating my family...which i think for him to be in a medical profession is a bit harsh...i dont want sympathy from him just help.
Out of all things he says he takes st johns wort and has recommended it to me. But im at my wits end now on which way to go and any personal advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Im a jack in the box with a smiley face and a great personality waiting to pop into reality again after years of feeling rubbish.....but the hinges on the box are rusty :(
I need wf40 to set me free!!!!
Thanks again.

22-04-06, 02:10
Hi Castella

It doesn't sound like your doctor is being very helpful or sympathetic and I would be concerned that he is not taking your thoughts of suicide seriously.

Are you receiving any help from a therapist at present? This would be helpful in addition to any medication you are taking. Was there any specific reason he wanted you to wean off the Cipralex?

SJW and 5HTP are not the same but I would not recommend you take them both at the same time. It is also important to be completely off the Cipralex before considering either of these alternatives. There is more information here (http://www.sjwinfo.org/).

You might also find these posts helpful:

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If you are not happy with the advice from your doctor, perhas it you could see a different doctor at the surgery. I would also recommend asking about some CBT or solution focused therapy.

Massage could be of benefit for the the muscular tension. I've had some sessions of Shiatsu which I found very therapeutic.


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22-04-06, 17:19
hi karen thanks for the advice......i see different doctors each time i go as the surgery is useless.....like i say i wanted to be totally free of cipralex..he wanted me off them as he said it was causing my severe tension in my body. who knows.

Thanks again for the advice and i will read a little more on the posts you put up for me :D

Smile although your heart is breaking.....