View Full Version : Clomipramine and Fluoxetine

09-06-11, 17:07
Has anyone had any experience of taking these together? I've been on Fluoxetine for years now and, although it wards off the worst extremes of depression, my anxiety is often through the roof.

I saw a new psych on tuesday and he has prescribed Clomipramine for anxiety/obsessive thoughts to be taken alongside Fluoxetine for depression. Having had a nosey round the net (usually a bad idea) it seems that Clomipramine doesn't go very well with SSRI's. Has anyone found that they've had increased side effects being on both? :wacko:

09-06-11, 19:11
Hi Lenore, I've taken both but never together - I did think that was a no-no.

A quick google suggests it's not unheard of, though. Can I ask your dosage of each? Have you started the clomip yet? Personally I've always found the SEs of tricyclics pretty severe, at least to start with, just on their own xxx

09-06-11, 19:56
Hi Jane, thanks for your reply :)

I'm on 20mgs of Fluoxetine at the minute and I'm starting on 25mgs of clomipramine for one week, then it'll go up to 50mgs, then 75mgs on the third week.

I've only ever been on SSRI's in the past and I'm a bit wary of tricyclics as the 'possible side effects' list for them is pretty grim!

09-06-11, 20:28
Hi Lenore,

The main prob I've had with TCAs is that - for me - they're very sedating, I slept for about a week solid when I started on clomip. But they don't effect everyone that badly, I'm just very sensitive to them.

I've also found they make me eat like a horse, but that's been about it, and the sedation has always worn off. Just see how you go, you might have no probs at all, but clomip is definitely available in a 10mg dose, so you could increase more slowly if need. Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. It's always good to have some support if you're a bit unsure about how things are going to work out xxx

12-06-11, 00:02
I got a letter through from my psych and he had faxed my GP to tell him that I was to stop the fluoxetine for a week before starting the clomipramine! Turns out that the other GP at the surgery (we have two-one's very good but the other is totally clueless) had typed it up wrong. :doh: Lucky that I waited for the letter before starting the pills!

I'm hoping that I don't feel too low to post during the next week and that I'm not too zonked the week after that! All being well, I'll let you know how things are going. Thanks so much for the support.

12-06-11, 00:39
That makes more sense. Thank goodness you got that sorted out. Good luck! xx

26-06-11, 00:28
Well, I've been on Clomipramine since last sunday-I go up to 50mg tomorrow, then 100 the week after and 150 after that. Totally got the dosage wrong in my other post! Have had a fuzzy head and low appetite a couple of days this week and a banging headache and insomnia the other days. But the Psych told me that, although it will have worse side effects at first, it is more effective so I'm going to stick with it.