View Full Version : anxious the day after

11-06-11, 11:28
Hi, I have been prescribed 5mg diazepam which I took one last nite, today I'm feeling weird, lightheaded and heart racing, what is this? I thought they were supposed to calm u down? Has anyone had a reaction like this? I feel sleepy too like I just want to drop off but I darent.

11-06-11, 11:39
they are tranquillizers so you will get the sleepy effect .....the less you worry , the better you will be xxxxxxxxx

11-06-11, 11:51
It feels like I want to go for a sleep, do u think I need to? X

11-06-11, 12:25
The Diaz does make you sleepy, the heart racing etc are just your anxiety creeping back in, the Diaz will have taken that away last night when you took it, they are great for short term anxiety relief so don't worry :)

07-09-11, 22:13
Yeah the I agree with Viki the Diazepam doesn't last too long, a few hours I find at best. I've never taken a 5mg pill so I don't know how long that would be effective for. But not allll night probably. Maybe about 4-6 hours? I could be wrong. I take one and a half 2mg pills and they don't last all that long to be honest. But my anxiety hasn't come back to a great extent either. :-) It's all about breaking the cycle of thinking.