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14-06-11, 12:01
Hi All

Ive been on Paroxetine for nearly 3 weeks now, i was on 10mg the first week, then 20mg after.
I take my tablet about 8am in the morning, but when i wake up i feel really shaky and anxious, is this a side effect of the meds, will this dissapear through time.
im really struggling as im not feeling any benifit from them yet, feels like im going off my head....i just want to feel better.
I even missed a blood test yesterday, as i was so shaky, i couldnt get myself down to the doctors surgery.
Any advice would be great.

14-06-11, 21:32
It's difficult to say exactly Cookie but it does sound like a side effect to me. Increased anxiety is unfortunately very common early on with these meds but it should pass within a couple more weeks so hang in there.

15-06-11, 09:05

Thanks for the reply..i know i have to stick with it if ive any chance of getting better.
Im really hoping it will settle, it seems to be worse in the morning. Do you know if anyone takes there meds in the evening, i was thinking that maybe i could sleep through the shakiness, and might feel a bit better during the day?

Cookie :shrug:

16-06-11, 12:33
You could try - just that sometimes it can disrupt sleep, hence why it's usually taken mornings. But try it for a few days and if you feel better stick to it. Tbh, these meds can be taken morning or night but depends on the individual and doc's advice.

(If you do decide to take it at night, miss your usual morning dose first. Never double the dose in one day. Speak to your pharmacist if you're unsure.)

Good luck Cookie.