View Full Version : Anyne switched from Seroxat to Citalopram

obsessive b
14-06-11, 18:35
Hey Guys

Anyone else on here switchedwas on 10 mg of seroxat and was switched over to Citalopram? ANyone else done this and can share experiences?



14-06-11, 23:51
Hi, I switched from Seroxat to escitalopram. I was in psych hospital at the time. Doc reduced Seroxat from 20mg to 10mg (liquid) and started 5mg escit at same time, I was off seroxat in 5 days and on 10mg escitalopram. I must admit I was terrified of coming off Seroxat after being on it for 14 years but cross tapering to escitalopram caused no signficant problems at all for me.

Good Luck. :flowers:

obsessive b
16-06-11, 11:12

Thanks for your advise - what were you orginally put on the seroxat for?

B x

17-06-11, 23:24
You're welcome.

Anxiety, panic attacks, agraphobia primarily but also depression.

Good Luck.