View Full Version : just been prescribed

20-06-11, 19:09
Hi to worried to try mirtazapine, been having real issues sleeping anxiety etc, been given 10mg is that enough for sleep ? (insomnia)
whats the most common side effects as well ?

21-06-11, 09:41
Update, took about 8mm of amitryptyline last night split over a hour or so as want to sure how may respond on it, also quarter of a 5mg diazipam, slept from 12- 3.30 then seemed to get back to sleep after half hour or so & woke at 7.15
a bit restless for a bit but mind didnt seem to be on overdrive less thinking & worrying like i have been doing in the small hours,

No real side effects other than as others have said dry mouth, but then its been dry anyway from all this anxiety anyway.

Will take probably 2 x5 mgs tonight as doesnt seem so worrying now, just wandering whether the amitriptyline helped more or the diazepam, as dont want to get into a habbit of diazepam, i know only a low 1.25 dose, :shrug: