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24-04-06, 21:54
Hi all,

i have been really worked up lately, babies playing up, not sleeping, pressure of work, etc etc.

For the past 4 days i have had cramping in my tummy, higher up, rather than lower, with bad bowels. Have had this before, but this time, i feel the pain will never go.

Went to the docs today, who gave me ranatadine, and he mentioned ibs.

Im in a bit of a panic, as stomach is gurgling away as i eat, and im worried its more than ibs. Does this sound like ibs to anyone, and if so, have you any self help tips for this pain.

thanks all
emma xx

24-04-06, 23:19
Hi Emma, I have IBS and if symptoms are different every time just like anxiety. I was like you scared as a couple of years ago I had it so bad I was in constant pain runs all the time and I was even passing blood. Dr sent me for some blood tests and my calcium was raised, I wasn’t sure what this was but looked it up and read calcium can raised when one has cancer that has spread, You can imagine this really scared me and doctor agreed this can be a sign of cancer but also can be lots of other things, so, she sent me to se a gastro specialist, who sent me for more blood tests, X-rays, barium enema x-ray and a sygmoidoscopy. All this took some time but the end result was IBS I was so so relieved when the specialist told me this and he said the first blood test must have been misread by my gp and the blood was only hemroids caused by the constant running to the toilet. This result reduced my anxiety lots and so did the IBS ease off so much. I still get IBS from time to time but nothing like when I am too anxious. Not easy I know specially if you are married with 5 kids. Lol. I have 5 kids too no wonder we have IBS and stress? Take care. Vernon

25-04-06, 08:26
Thanks Vernon,

I have bled before aswell, but my doc knows all my history, and she said the bleeding is due to itching and piles. No one has done any tests on me, but my doctor is not worried at all. One ranatadine tablet has taken most of the pain away, amazing. The only thing ive got now, is a raging migraine, probably due to the worry.

5 kids aswell Vernon, yes I think were entitled to a bit of stress. Mine have just had the school hols, along with an extra week off with chicken pox and viruses.

Take care