View Full Version : is 100mg of Clomipramine the highest dosage?

21-06-11, 15:56
Hi everyone

i`m on 100mg of Clomipramine, been on it for about 8 or 9 weeks
i do feel slightly better and much calmer, my ROCD is getting better, but im wondering if i could go higher in my dosage
i`m going to see my Doctor tomorrow and ask her
the reason i ask is i have read many many stories on here with people taking higher dosages than 100mg

i`m already having

excessive sweating
sometimes slightly jittery feeling
anxiety sometimes
facial flushing
SEVERE constipation

will going higher dosage make the above worse?


26-06-11, 00:36
My psychiatrist wants me to gradually get up to 150mg over the next month. I'm only on 25mg at the moment but have already had sleep problems, headaches, a 'fuzzy' head, dry mouth and lack of appetite! He did say that it should have settled down by about 8 weeks after starting it though. Have you been on the 100mg for 8-9 weeks?

28-06-11, 23:04
Hi Lenore

yeah, i have been on 100mg for 8 - 9 weeks and have had the usual symptoms :-(

28-06-11, 23:17

clompiramine is one of the more unusal drugs that isn't prescribed that often - however it very much depends on what your GP is treating you for. The maximum dose is 200mg.

If you have any queries then please don't forget you can always ask your pharmacist - always a good place for advice!

29-06-11, 00:37
Actually Clomipramine and Imipramine (very similar) ARE quite commonly prescribed for anxiety, especially by psychiatrists as opposed to GPs. I was on imipramine recently.


29-06-11, 00:42
Sorry Dave, just read another of your posts and realised you are a pharmacist. I've come across quite a few people who are on clomipramine and imipramine recently, especially in hospital. My psychiatrist is a huge fan of imipramine for anxiety. As you will already know, it is considered to be the "gold standard" tricyclic for anxiety.

Regards. x

29-06-11, 00:44
Oh and yes, I agree, a good pharmacist is worth their weight in gold! :)

29-06-11, 01:39
Funny, could have sworn the max adult dose was 250mg according to the packet information inserts when I was on it.

What did you doc say about increasing your dose Anxiety? Unfortunately the sweating never went away for me and I gained a lot of weight when I was on it as I was always starving (the opposite to Lenore strangely), but those were the only two side effects that lasted with me. I never made it beyond a relatively small dose, though

I'm glad to hear it's helping you though and that you find the right dose for you xx

22-07-11, 11:59
at the moment i am using 225 mg of anafranil for about 20 year. i do not have much side effect except very thirsty and a high hart rate.

02-11-13, 20:01
I am on 20mg for the past two months and was on 30mg for the past 8 months prior to that, I never went higher as I am very sensitive to meds and this amount just does it for me. I wouldn't say I am 'cured' by any means or that I am even ready for full time work but it has helped me get myself together to work part time and be calmer in social situations.
I have SEVERE constipation and lethargy and facial flushing, especially going from cold to warm places. I was on Lofepramine before that, a similar drug but the side effects for me were much worse.
I can't take ssri's, the three I have tried have made me feel severely ill and have had little effect.
My leaflet says that you can go to 225mg on clomipramine, but I wouldn't like t0 be on that dose.
Let me know how you get on with it. It did help me when I didn't know what to do with myself, I was in a really bad way. xx

09-01-14, 18:36
ive been on 50mg for 3 years, used to be on 25. 100 is no where near the highest dose. i think symptoms get worse the higher the dose, i never had any on 25 but on 50 i have dry mouth and a slight tremor feeling and i feel like my mid section twitches a lot? anyone else get this?