View Full Version : Just got back from Endoscopy.

22-06-11, 13:18
Just got back from my Endoscopy. Things went ok,had the sedation but i think they where trying to get me to have the throat spray,due to the fact they ask you to swallow the cam ,they just don`t stick it down.
I can remember gagging a bit at first,then waking up in the recovery room. No big deal in the end. All the staff are helpful and your not left on your own to long to dwell on it.

22-06-11, 22:17
Well done goldberg, you were so brave today, i hope everything works out well for you, having any medical procedure sends me into panic mode, but reading your post has helped, good luck with your results and well done xxx

23-06-11, 17:20
Thanks Pinkdove,
I`m the same,any medical procedure makes my heart race,even having my blood pressure tested.Lol
I think it might be the fear of them finding something wrong. I got my results there and then ,i have a Hiatus Hernia but luckily they can treat it with medication. So all good in the end,apart from a bloody sore throat from HELL. Lol x x x

23-06-11, 19:41
I had a gastroscopy this morning, and it was fine :smile: . . . ok, I did take 2mg Diazepam a couple of hours before-hand, and that was enough to take the edge off the anxiety (though it didn't stop the adrenalin rushes and nausea).
The staff were brilliant and I did have the throat spray rather than sedation.
I was suprised that I didn't gag once (though I belched a bit of wind up twice).
No pain at all and I got the results straight afterwards (plus a photo to look at).
Bottom line is oesophagitis and duodenitis. They took a biopsy and have also tested for H. Pylori.
Guess I'll be called back to see the consultant sometime in the next couple of weeks for the full lowdown.