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22-06-11, 22:04
hi all
Im a ling term anx suffer im 31 weeks pregnant and at the moment im scared to go to sleep at night.
For the past few weeks ive been wakung up gasping at night. It can range from once a night to sevenish.Ihave a CPN and she thinks its related to the anxiety. Sometimes I also jolt awake too. I also suffer from hyperemsis and acid reflux due to the pregnancy.

paula lynne
22-06-11, 22:13
Hi :) I remember being at that stage of pregnany too and finding it hard to breathe...the baby is pressing on your internal organs and feeling breatheless is a common feeling, but it sounds like your anxiety is exacerbating the problem. Nothing is going to happen to you when you are asleep, you will get enough air ok. Try sleeping with a window open, or fall asleep with a fan on gently in the corner to circulate the air. Congratulations, and all the best! x:D