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26-04-06, 18:04
Following an ASI test I've been spaking to a doctor at a clinic in America about my depleted hormones and adrenal gland. He recommended me taking Mil adrogen and seri phos. I've searched the internet and can't find anything about them, I was wondering if anyone here knw anything about them.
Love helen

26-04-06, 19:31
Is the spelling correct and is it two words or one?


26-04-06, 23:02
Hi there,

Seriphos (is all one word) is a dietary supplement that supports the adrenals, I've not ever taken it though. If you put seriphos into google you should find some info, just checked for you and lots came up.

Sorry I'm not familiar with the other one, it must be an androgen supplement but not heard of it.


27-04-06, 16:43
Thanks Lisa, I'll have a look for seriphos. I know miladregen is a 'glandular?' and comes from cows, which is putting me off a bit. I think they're mainly used in America. I'm just really scared of side effects. I'm not sure about the spellings Nicola!! The other thing I'm being sent is progenonen (again not sure about spelling) which I think is a 'building block' for hormones?! I guess I'll wait until they arrive and see what the info says.
Love Helen

27-04-06, 23:01
Hi Giddy,

Do you mean progynon maybe? I've heard of that, it's a type of estrogen I think and can be used for female hormone problems I think. Not really sure if that's what you mean though. If it's something from america it may be different to what I said although I think that's american possibly too.
I just did a google search out of curiosity and found a few things on Mil-Adregen, says it's a high potency glandular supplement.
I expect they are all to balance the adrenals and hormones though in one way or another.
Many conventional doctors in the uk don't believe that the adrenals can be helped if they are depleted but there are many supplements that some people say really help.
If you have any questions, like about side effects, can you contact the doctor again who recommended these supplements or ask your gp as they may be able to advise you better? Just a thought. I get scared of side effects too especially if I don't understand exactly what I'm taking and why.

Good luck,


28-04-06, 18:06
Hi - I got the things today - Miladregen (basically vitamins, raw adrenal concentrate, raw spleen concenterat and raw thymus concentrate), seriphos and pregnenolone!! I've decided not to take them and I'm going to send them back. I'm going to stick at GI diet, vitamins and some exercise and see if that can help me. Maybe take another ASI test in a few months (like the clinic recommended) to check if my hormones are starting to replenish themselves. I think these supplements are an awful lot of money when there is no evidence they work. My husband sort of decided for me otherwise I'd still be dithering about taking them now!! I'll maybe consider them in a few months time if I'm still exhausted!
Thanks for all your help and advice
Love Helen