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29-06-11, 22:33
Dear friends

Two links - the first one depends on participation to be 'of use' and the second is (in my humble opinion) downright awesome :)

So firstly, I have created a web project at the following address


It is going to be based on the relationship between self-esteem and everyday mental health issues. We all go through so much when we suffer that it seems a shame not to share experiences, hints and tips!

I suffered from panic/ PTSD/ agoraphobia/ anxiety/ depression... for years and years (and I know the next time I am under tonnes of stress it will come back - it is my achilles heel!)

Secondly... The best book I ever read on anxiety was this: http://www.hgi.org.uk/archive/anxiety.htm

Of course, I can't say if either will help others - but I sincerely hope so


30-06-11, 01:00
Interesting link ,thanks .Good luck with the blog and combating the ol stress .factor ....Sue x