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07-07-11, 20:58
anybody been prescribed atenolol for anxiety i started on 25 mg dose then my bp was up a bit and i was more anxious so they put me up to 50 mg then went to a and e convinced i was having a heart attack ( classic anxiety ) ecg fine but blood pressure spiked at 211 over 105 or something so went to see my gp who uped the dose of atenolol from 50 mg to 100 mg which i have been on a few weeks im also taking mirtazipine 45 mg which is an anitdepressent and anti anxiety drug he also gave me some diazipam i asked my gp do i have high blood pressure he says no but im anxious all the time this is now affecting work and social situations but i have joined a no more panic group in sheffield which does help its just now im afraid to exersise of fear of my pulse rate and blood pressure going through the roof my gp says your fine to exersise but im gettting worried when i exersise oviously my heart rate and blood presssure go up then i have an attack on top of that but he reasures me i will not have a heart attack or stroke my legs feel like a lead weight taking these beta blockers no energy but when i try to exersise i will have an attack