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08-07-11, 20:41
Hi I am due in 7 days and i am getting myself so worked up i am really scared that things will go ok, i have a 6 year old daughter so i have done it before and it was fairly quick with no probs but i am worried about her she keeps asking how long i will be in hospital for but i cant answer that because no one knows what will happen she is quite clingy with me and am more scared to the fact i have to leave her, i know no one can tell me exactly what will happen i just felt if i wrote it down and if anyone had felt the same any advice would be great thanks xxx

08-07-11, 21:23
I know it's scary but just remember you are going to have a beautiful new baby and your daughter will have a new brother or sister. It's hard I know but think positive and enjoy a wonderful new life :)

09-07-11, 23:37
Thanks for the reply i am trying really hard to think positive as it should be happy time but horrible anxiety gets in the way just keep feeling scared thanks again toria xx

14-07-11, 10:47
I hope that your baby comes a few days early like both of mine did. I remember counting down to the day and thinking how nervous I was going to be on THE day. However, my pains started four days before the date and as it took me off guard, I had no time to get nervous!

By the time you read this, there's probably a good chance you have given birth but I hope you were okay in the end.

14-07-11, 11:11
Hi thanks for the reply you are right i had my baby boy on sunday a few days early and he did catch us of guard it was quite quick but he is healthy and fine and glad its over just feeling very tired but i will have to get used to that again thanks again toria xx

14-07-11, 11:11
well i cant really say anything because i will never have a baby myself lol but i really hope it all goes well and congrats on her when she arrives