View Full Version : Buspirone....hallucinations?

13-07-11, 06:22
I started Buspar (Buspirone) about 5 weeks ago. Last Friday it was upped from 5mg 3x a day to 10mg 3x a day. The second day after, I had some trouble sleeping. The sleep seems to have gotten back to where it was pre-buspar, but yesterday something troubling happened. I was sitting on the couch talking on the phone to my mother. It was dark in the room and I was looking at my computer chair. Then it started to rock back and forth and a dark form appeared in the chair. I quickly turned on the light and it was gone. I figured it was my eyes playing tricks on me till I sat back down on the couch. Within seconds, the couch started moving. Like, the cushions were rolling and grabbing at me. I jumped up and backed away and could indeed see the couch moving A LOT. It only lasted from start to finish maybe 5 minutes.

I've had hallucinations once or twice before when I was manic (I am bipolar) but this time I was not manic. And usually those hallucinations last much longer than 5 minutes. The weirdest thing was that during this time, I had trouble thinking/speaking/communicating. My mother kept asking me what was wrong, and all I could get out was "uh...I... don't know" for several minutes. I tried saying other things but I couldn't get the sentences and words to come together in my head. It was like someone stuffed my head with wool. I've never had that happen before and the only thing I can think of is the buspar. Anyone ever had something like this happen?
I don't know if I want to tell my doc because I don't want him taking me off buspar.