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14-07-11, 19:02
hi folks i previously posted that i had esa stopped and that i was appealing the decision well i have had a copy of the report thats gone to the tribunal and its littered with lies.they said i had supplied no medical evidence since may 26th and that i was contacted and asked if i wanted anything to add to my appeal and there was no answer.i received no calls from them at all i have an answering machine and caller id which i check everday and i have received nothing from them,they have my phone number because i was contacted by them earlier in the year.but it states that subsequently i have supplied medical evidence upto 3rd august 2011 what do they mean?,also they have stated that no (esa50 form) was received i was sent a reminder letter saying they had not received it so i contacted them about it and they sent out another copy.i received nothing on both occasions and to be quite honest i forgot all about it ive never claimed esa before and genuinely forgot perhaps if i had received the form it may have reminded me.i also spoke to my phsiciatrist about it who wrote his name address and contact number on my appeal and asked me to request that they contact him in regards to my condition,there is no mention of this at all it is on my copy of my appeal letter do esa contact him or do the tribunal service do this?.sorry for rambling on folks its just that i have suffered for so long and had aniety and depression so bad and for them to basically say that there is nothing wrong with you makes my blood boil.i sure as hell have not been popping antidepressants for the last 7 years because i like the taste of them.any advice would be much appreciated thankyou.

15-07-11, 12:11
I sympathise with your situation . . . . . I assume you've been dealing with ATOS regarding your medical assessment. Although I'm not involved with ESA, my daughter is and her experience so far includes:
* letters/medical evidence allegedly not being received (she ended up re-sending by Special Delivery)
* them saying thay had made phone calls (but had not)
* mislaid documents
* a cancelled (by them) medical assessment
* a re-arranged medical assessment, where they kept my daughter waiting for an hour and 30 minutes after her appointment time
* uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room
* an inaccessible (for disabled people) building
* A Centre where there is no parking (nearest is 500 yards away)

And she is fully expecting to 'fail' the assessment, as most people seem to do at the first attempt. It seems that on appeal, many more are successful.

To have my rant; ATOS is a body set up to put as many hurdles in front of people, with the aim of trying to save money. Yes there are some people who try to flout or con the benefits system, but most are genuine ill or disabled people looking for support.

I hope the process improves for you and that you're successful on your appeal. :)