View Full Version : amitriptyline for pain?

17-07-11, 21:46
I'm currently on citalopram 40mgs for anxiety but suffer awful muscle pain, am thinking of asking my gp if i can try these, anyone have any experience?

07-09-11, 20:25
I'm a new member so only just seen your post, I'm supposed to be taking Amitrip for severe acute pain in my legs, I believe this pain is caused by periphial claudication although my diagnosis had been deferred by my GP, he has given me 50mg/day, up from 25mg, I have taken Amitrip before for depression.

I'll be honest and say I'm not taking them...I know they don't help me so a waste of money, ok we are all different so you may find them helpful, only way is to ask and try them for a while.

Do you know what is causing the pain?


07-09-11, 20:52
Depends what type of muscle pain you suffer from. If it's tension-related or due to nerve pain it can be useful. I suffer with fibromyalgia and tried it to no avail but you should ask your doc for his/her opinion first.

It was one of the more heavier meds I tried in terms of side effects, so you would have to start on a very low dose and work your way up to 50mg or more.

Hazel B
09-09-11, 19:06
Hi, I was prescribed 10mg Ami for bladder and gallstone pain. One tablet before bed every day. As part of my overall battle to get over anxiety it did help. My GP said they have "off licence" use for pain and helping to sleep.:)

20-09-11, 20:46
i used to work for a neurologist and he would prescribe this for people who suffered migraines/headasches, it helps you relax, so therefore not so tense and no headaches