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18-07-11, 22:09
Hi guys, apologies if this has been posted before.

I'm currently on 20mg of Paroxetine (After numerous other SSRI's and Mood Stabilizers) and suffering from what they call Anorgasmia, when you can't reach orgasm.

Without being too embarrassing I'm a 21 year old hot blooded male who cannot achieve orgasm at all during sex or masturbation. I still have interest but cannot reach the end results. I've seen a couple of others on the forum with the same problem.

My question is, is there anything they've found helpful? And when I finally come off the tablets will it have a lasting effect as the scary thing is I'm only 21!

Thank you and apologies for the embarrassment. x

18-09-11, 07:26
This might be unrelated but i remember having retro grade ejaculation. Basically I could climax but nothing came out and there was some pain involved. But from what your describing i dont think thats the issue here. Not to mention I was on seroquel (antiphsycotic/ tranquilizer). I also remember my doc talking about wellbutrin/ Bupropion being perscribed to folks having issues with sexual side affects. Not sure if it would help a physical ailment as much as it would help with desire to have sex. Work with you doc and see if a lower dose might help.

Hope everything works out

18-09-11, 07:31
I forgot to mention that you just need to relax. Side affects fade as you metabolize or use up the rest of the medication in your body. I know cause I had the exat same worrys as you. If you didnt have any issues before you started the medication then you'll be fine!!!!

12-12-11, 17:01
Hi Guys,
JUst wanted to say I've been on seroxat for 17yrs, I have normal sexual function, but in the first few years of taking the drug I had impotency problemsand found it difficult to get or maintain erections which was sad but only a minor problem compared to the anxiety/depression so I weighed up the pros and cons, butwhat happenedwas that the sexual problems all went away after those few years and my sexual organs work normallyand have done but it was only in those first few years, maybe 2 yrs of starting seroxat, then my body/brain just adjusted I suppose.

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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say I had impotency problems when I first started taking seroxat for maybe a year or two but after that my brain/body must have adjusted and been on seroxat for 17yrs now and my sexual function is normal

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Hi GUys,

Wanted to say that this happened to me, well impotency problems for the 1st year or two and then my body adjusted

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