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19-07-11, 15:23
Hi, hi have just been prescribed 60mg daily of Duloxetine, has anyone got any experiance with this drug?
I am concerned about side effects really, i tried Citalapram last week and it was unbearable.

20-07-11, 12:30
I guess it's not a commonly prescribed drug...

I have done some reading on it, and it seems its closely linked to Venlafaxine.
I have been on Venlafaxine before, and whilst it did help with depression the side effects and withdrawel werent nice at all.
I think i will give this one a miss and see my gp again about taking something else.

20-07-11, 13:01
Hi Brit - use the search facility on here as there are loads of posts about it

Happy reading!

21-07-11, 11:49
Thanks Nicola.
I saw my gp again today, she wants me to try the Duloxetine.....

Im very concerned about it, but i dont see i have any other choice really. My depression and anxiety is just getting worse all the time and im scared about the thoughts i am starting to have.

21-07-11, 15:18
I have limited experience of duloxetine. I was prescribed 60mg and took it for about a month. Unfortunately I suffered from horrendous nausea and giddiness and actually being sick. I persevered but my psychiatrist told me to go back on to mirtazapine. I also suffered inorgasm from duloxetine and at the time I found this upsetting. I am currently taking 1,00mg lithium and 45mg mirtazapine and I am currently stable. There are many people who have found this med useful. I was taking duloxetine alongside dothiepin and lithium and tbh I was probably over medicated. I had high expectations for it but have found mirtazapine to have fewer side effects. EJ.

21-07-11, 22:36
Thanks Elizabeth.

The doc i saw today has given me some 30mg (i asked for these as i thought it may help initially with the side effects).

I took my first one earlier, and after an hour or two i started to feel a bit dizzy and light headed. I feel a bit nauseous now but i have manage to eat a bit.

I did speak to my doc about mirt, abut she seemed very keen for me to try the Duloxetine, and to be honest i was in so much of a mess that i couldnt really find it in me to argue...

I'm hoping i dont get too many side effects with these, im in a low enough mood as it is without anything else!


22-07-11, 09:25
Well, where to start... :unsure:

I have had a terrible night, i woke suddenly at 3:30 am feeling very sick, jittery and 'wired'.
After a while i realised i wasnt going to get any more sleep so i just got up.
I'm feeling very sick at the moment, and i'm really not looking forward to taking another dose today - but i know i must.

God, when will it all end...

22-07-11, 11:06
Hi Brit,

No doubt it is really tough but you must try to stick with the meds. At the moment a lot of what your suffering is probably anxiety about taking these but try to see it through and you hopefully will start to see some improvements!


22-07-11, 11:46
Thanks Jebdog, it is really hard though.

I think i must be weak as i just feel i cant carry on feeling like this.
How do you find the strength to carry on with a new drug when it makes you feel so bad you just want to curl up and die?

Im sorry, i just dont know what to do anymore.

22-07-11, 12:37
Your not weak at all. Anxiety/Depression are horrible, horrible things. It's not so much the med making you feel the way you are but the anxiety about them, maybe if it's really tough you could ask the doc for some diazepam to help through this tough first week but try to battle through and keep occupied if you can. Appreciate it is very, very hard though.

22-07-11, 12:55
I do have some diazapam, but im worried to take it as im feeling sick and dizzy and i worry the diazapam might make it worse.
Thats sad isnt it.....

Maybe i should just try it?

Thanks for your support, it makes me feel a little bit less alone.

24-07-11, 14:37
Well, on day 4 now.

I actually managed to get some sleep last night, but other than that i'm still feeling sick, panicky, and just damn strange.

However, i have noticed that although i'm still having depressed thoughts i dont think they are as bad as a few days ago.

What is getting to me is not being to able to go out anywhere and spend quality time with my kids.

Hopefully things will improve soon.


25-07-11, 15:25
I'm now on day 5, and not feeling any better. Still very fuzzy headed/dizzy, still feeling sick, still feeling confused, still very 'on edge'.
Spoke to my doc this morning, he wants me to give it more time - just hope its worth it.....