View Full Version : ECG Tomorrow GP Not that worried but I am reflux help given but heart worries v real

19-07-11, 17:09
Hi there over the last few days Ive been getting severe pain in my shoulder left and centre of my back, clammy and light headed it seems to be a lot worse after food and it felt as if there was something stuck in my back And the pain was going into my jaw but I made an appointment to see the nurse tomorrow for an ECG and I hoped the doctor would OK it. I went to see my GP today and he was really nice and I told him I was worried it was my heart and he said if he was that worried he would be giving me an ECG there and then. He listened to my heart and checked me over and gave me gaviscon and lansoprazole and then he said to reassure me he would get the nurse to do an ecg then, but he came back and said the nurse was away and would be back later on and if I wanted to come back later or just wait until my appointment tomorrow I said I would wait until tomorrow and he thought that this was the right thing to do as he said looking at my colour he was sure it wasnt my heart. As he said that people who have heart attacks look really ill. I am 38 a BMI of 41 a diabetic with high cholestrol. I was a bit worried as to why he wanted the nurse to do it this afternoon. but I did tell him I nearly called an ambulance yesterday. It just seemed to be mixed messages.

19-07-11, 18:00
Hi, I suffer from reflux and when I first got it i used to feel like my food was sticking, after going on lanzoprazole it all cleared up more or less, i still sometimes get indigestion and it can spread to the jaw, GP sounds on top of it and I'm sure he's confident its not your heart, he probably wanted it done to reassure you, I'm sure it'll be fine tomorrow and you'll be able to relax xx