View Full Version : im sure i have rabies

20-07-11, 23:37
My dog scratched me and licked my mouth and I think he gave me rabies. I get headaches nausea and sometimeS my nose is stuffy/runny. :( somebody please help me! I'm very scared I really think I have it.

21-07-11, 01:56

21-07-11, 02:00
Do you know the dog's owner? Usually if people have dog licenses they are required to have them vaccinated for rabies.

Rachel W
21-07-11, 02:27
Hypogirl. I am sure that you don't have rabies as it is your dog, and if your dog does not have symptoms then you wouldd't yet anyway. Also if your dog is inoculated then there is no issue. I had a dog, and she even bit me once as I separated two dogs fighting (both my dogs and they had issues with each other - I know better but when it is your own dogs then it is instinct). Is there any reason why you may think your dog has rabies? Also, stuffy nose is not a symptom. With headaches it sounds more like an issue with sinuses, probably due to the hot weather that we have all been subject to. I was stuffy the other day.

Please try not to worry too much about this.

21-07-11, 09:59
Your dog should have been innoculated against rabies, if it isnt showing any signs of having it, and you would know !, then it wont have passed anything on to you. Your symptoms sounds more like either a general bug, or anxiety causing them

21-07-11, 10:11
I agree with everyone. Your dog hasn't given you rabies. I have been licked (my mouth) bitten and scratched my both of my sisters dogs and I haven't got it. Like Mike says I think its a bug or anxeity.