View Full Version : ESA Hearing - Lost

25-07-11, 17:48
Hi all

I had my ESA Hearing today and lost.

Does anyone know where I go from here?

25-07-11, 18:09
There is an appeals process you have to follow. Are there any details on the paperwork?

26-07-11, 08:59
it was the appeal hearing that I lost. I still can't believe it. I dont know how they can say I'm fit for work when I'm so clearly not!

26-07-11, 09:59
ahh ok, maybe you will have to contact citizens advice then

smiling assassin
15-11-12, 18:14
I've just lost mine today (15-11-12) so I know how you feel. What I've been advised by CAB to start a claim for JSA but I am nowhere near fit for work.
If your condition has worsened then you can start a new ESA claim straight away otherwise, It's a 6 month wait from the date of your appeal and then recalim. Hope this helps