View Full Version : bleeding after having baby

27-07-11, 16:34
Hi just after a bit of advice please, I had my baby boy 17 days ago and i have been bleeding ever since some days not a lot and i thought it was going to stop but then some days it comes back and the bleeding is a bit more, it is not heavy its more when i wipe myself (TMI) it is dark red brown colour just wounded if it normal to come and go and how quick period will come back i no you can bleed for upto 6 weeks but i panic and always think the worst thanks xx

27-07-11, 16:42
hi i had a baby in november i bled on and off for about 2 months it is perfectly normal congratulations x

27-07-11, 20:01
Don't worry it sounds fine. When I had my son, the bleeding would increase again if I exerted myself in amy way. I found it became quite heavy again. If you are still worried, your health visitor will not mind if you call her for reassurance xx

29-07-11, 10:20
Hi sorry did'nt reply straight away just wanted to say thanks for replys thanks again xx