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28-07-11, 13:27
Hi all, I've been experiencing a lot of panic attacks and anxiety recently. So much so that it's beginning to affect me going into supermarkets etc More importantly it's affecting my work - I feel I can't cope with it just now. I went to the Doctors today on my lunch break and the Doc gave me a line for two weeks and asked me to go back to see him again after that. He also prescribed me Paroxetine. I'm terrified to take them. I heard a few bad things about them a couple of years ago and knew someone who had a bad experience taking them and coming back off them. Please could you all give me your thoughts on them. Much appreciated. Very worried x

28-07-11, 14:01
Hi. I have been on them for about 15years. The only side affect I get is that I get very vivid dreams. It is not a problem for me as I don't have nightmares. I currently take 20mg a day in the morning. Sadly I am experiencing a blip at the moment that is why I had joined nmp but I was realatively symptom free for a long time. I think these tablets are great.

28-07-11, 14:11
Hi Cromford and thanks for your reply. Were you taking them for anxiety or depression? Or perhaps both?

28-07-11, 14:19
Both. I had suffered from panic and anxiety for 15years. I had done a lot of cbt and the therapist felt I needed tablets so asked the Dr to prescribe something and that is what I was prescribed.

28-07-11, 14:22
I read that it can increase the feelings of anxiety/panic to start of with and I don't know how I'd cope with that. I've also heard it's very difficult to stop once you start it :( So scared to take it.

28-07-11, 18:52

Quite a few doctors have told me that they dont prescribe this as a new medication anymore due to the severe withdrawl symptoms. Ive suffered a LOT since trying to stop taking this drug. Being on it is not a problem, the problems (for me and lots of others) start when you try to stop. Im on the liquid form at the mo (reducing gradually is easier this way) Im not a doctor, but i know how this drug has affected me. I wouldnt advise anyone to start taking it. There are lots of other ssris and anti anxiety drugs out there. choose a different one!