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04-05-06, 09:30
Does CBT really work and what is it and what do you have to do?

04-05-06, 09:38

CBT is cognitive behaviour therapy, and it is all to do with helping you change the way that you think.

It is mainly talking with a therapist, normally in a group and being given tasks to do in between each session, I found it very beneficial and it helped me a great deal.

Hope this helps you understand it a bit better.

Take care
Trac xx

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04-05-06, 12:59
ive only been doign mine a month and i am finding it very informative about the way my mind works, so now when i have a panic i understand why and what needs to be done - its basically trying to retrain our thinking.

Take a look at my post today MINDFULNESS because it explains alot.


04-05-06, 16:27
liz i am trying to get it at the minute because it can work wonders by retraining your incorrect thought process. it also demystifies alot of our fears about what is happening in our bodies.

yuo need to get your gp to refere you

i hope you get it


04-05-06, 18:24
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04-05-06, 21:15

I have recently started seeing a CBT counsellor and although only 6 weeks in I am really feeling the benefit. I had been waiting for an NHS appt for a year and there was still likely to be a 3 year wait so I have ended up paying for it which is incredibly expensive but I already beleive every penny is worth it.

I guess it can't work for everyone in every situation but the success rate is phenomenal and certainly can't do any harm.... It's very practical and you have to pull your weight for it to work

Good luck x

Fee xxxxxx

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05-05-06, 03:35
Hi Liz....
I am currently studying to be a child and youth counsellor and have a fair bit of knowledge about psychology and certain methods. CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy and is very commonly used for people with anxiety disorders (anxiety, panic, ocd, etc) as well as depressive disorders, and has been found effective. It pretty much focused on changing your thought processes...how you thnk and respond cognitivley to stimulus and the envirnoment. To learn more about CBT you can go to your library, or go to www.google.com and type it in and you should find some info. But CBT is one method of therapy for anxiety disorders...and is supposed to be highly successful. My counsellor at my college has been working on some CBT techniues with myself, and I have found them helpful.But different techniques will effect each person differently. I also see a counsellor for past abuse which is pretty mcuh me talking and setting goals...and is a different approach. But my panic and anxiety stems from post traumatic stress from the abuse, and it is all connected. I would advise to look around and find what best suits you. And you can always come on here for support and advice!

05-05-06, 22:38
hi liz,
i had around 7-8 sessions of CBT when my panic was at its worst - i did it privately, which was really expensive, but worth it because i learned some invaluable techniques regarding breathing, changing the way you think and dealing with a panic attack before it gets out of control. if i could afford it, i'd still be doing it every week, no question. it really worked for me.
check out this website for accredited cbt therapists in your area.
henri x

06-05-06, 21:04

I have just started CBT and find it really helpful. It changes the way you think and react to a panic attack and is providing me with support and help to finally cure myself of panic attacks.

09-05-06, 09:19
Henri, how expensive is it, and where is the web site? The NHS waiting list here is 18 months!

09-05-06, 10:59
anyone know of a good book on CBT??

09-05-06, 17:13
hi, looks like i forgot to copy paste the web page... d'oh!

it's www.bacp.co.uk

i think the price very much depends on where you live - i had my sessions in london and they cost £80 each (hence why i only had a handful!)