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28-07-11, 17:05
Left Behind
Why did you leave me?
left behind...
I need you with me
you are mine...

You had no right to go like that.
How DARE you leave me now.
So much hurt that you can never take back
You will never know how.

Why did you die?
Why did you leave?
Did you not see my childhood needs?

'Daddy's little girl...'
Yeah right...not any more.
You left me there to freeze in the cold.

"It's just a flat tire, everyones safe..."
Little did I know all of her lines were fake
"We have a surprise, for Valentines Day
because you see sweety, your father passed away..
But you didn't need him any more,
Your a big girl, you can do it on your own..."

"Mommy, wheres daddy, why isn't he here?
I checked over at grampy's he isn't there..
Why did that lady tell me everyone's safe?
Where is my surprise? Why is dad late?

"Well you see sweety, remember TV?
Remember that man that had that disease?
Remember his heart stopped, and everyone was sad?
Well you see hun, that's what happened to dad..."

"Let's go see him, lets go visit.
I'm sure he'll be glad
Let's go mom, I want to see him,
I want to see dad."

Well...you see hun, I'm sorry, it's just not like that,
he wont even be here in time for your snack...
Daddy is dead hun, he wont be coming back.
He's in heaven now, do you understand that?

I saw him once more, as still as a stone.
It didn't look like him, I knew he was gone.
As the snow fell on Valentines Day,
And mommy knelt down beside him to pray..

I snuck close to the coffin, and bravely peeked in,
reached my hand near, to feel his cold skin.
Before I stepped back from where daddy laid
I placed my card in and said "happy Valentines Day.
I love you daddy I always will.
but I do wish you were here with me still."

Eleven years later, I'm graduating now.
As I get my diploma I know he is proud.
I can't be angry, I can't be sad,
I have to remember the times that we had

The fishing, the biking, the trip to the farm,
The way he wold carry me on just one strong arm...
Him tucking me in bed, and kissing me goodnight,
the way he felt bad after every time we'd fight.
I know that he loved me through all the time we had.
Through the smiles, and the tears, the good and the bad.

So as I get that diploma, and I shake that man's hand,
I'll take every step in memory of dad.

And when I feel lonely, and I had a bad night,
I given up on hope and don't want to fight,
I'll think of my tattoo, the one on my back.
Draw strength from it and I'll be on track.

In the shape of a heart to show that they care,
sister Chantelle, brother Matthew and dad will all be there.
Through the good and the rough the thick and the thin,
my family will have my back, and be under my skin.

28-07-11, 17:18
Kaida, that was one of the best I have ever read. :hugs:

28-07-11, 18:54
Hi Kaida,

it's a good peom. I read it out to my sister, and we feel, it was a good peom, then we talked about our dad and the things he used to say to us. thanks for sharing, really good peom. :hugs:


eight days a week
28-07-11, 20:59
So incredibly moving it's hard to put into words, and brilliantly written, thanks so much for sharing Kaida.

29-07-11, 04:26
thanks everyone for the awesome responses. i wrote it quite a long time ago, but it dosnt make it any less accurate. To clarify thats how i found out about my fatherd death when i was seven. and this was 9 monthsafter my grandmother i pretty much lived with dies, and then 4 months after my grandfather married to afore mentiond grandmother died aswell. so in 9 months i lost 3 people that i adored. id already had a panic issure but this just aggraveated it, and my mother basically went temporarily insane and i took care of her. a lot for a 7yr old. so i came up with this one night to express my feelings.

rthanks again for reading and commenting :)

30-07-11, 06:26