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29-07-11, 06:29
Hi everyone, just a question if being anxious can affect fertility? I'm trying for a baby but can get quite anxious at times about silly things, at the moment i'm concerned being worried about getting pregnant can affect fertility if it makes any sense! i hope it doesn't and i can get pregnant easily so i hope to hear some positive examples from people:)
I heard often that people tried and tried and because they were so tense about it they couldn't get pregnant and once they've stopped trying and given up they got pregnant! kind of scary to think my thoughts can influence my fertility...:blush:

29-07-11, 08:09
Nope I wouldnt think so but if you were so anxious as to not get stimulated you might not be able to ovulate and that might be a problem but life finds a way. I really would think that it could affect your fertility but then again im not a doctor. I think just try to relax and things will be ok.

29-07-11, 09:55
i dont think it affects it as ive always been anxious and ive got 4 kids now good luck xx

15-09-11, 07:13
thank you! it's just often you hear that stress affects fertility so i'd assume anxiety would as well but then i suppose every person on this earth has a bit of hat so we all wouldn’t be here if that were true right?:)

15-09-11, 14:02
If stress was affecting your fertility you wouldn't have periods. That would be the only way it would affect it. I know plenty of anxious people who have gotten pregnant. I hope everything works out for you.


Lisa x

15-09-11, 17:04
Hi, my anxiety kicked in after I'd had my son, and for the last 18 years (he's 18)
I think it's after you give birth that the anxiety really kicks in! Good luck :)

03-06-13, 11:32
I read that stress and anxiety doesn't but depression does because it lowers your immune system therefore the viability is less.

23-07-13, 22:37
This is an old post but kind of in the same boat as you.. except it has now been over two years that I've been trying to conceive to no avail! Only explanation from the docs is too much stress. I suffer from GAD, obviously there could be a hidden issue but according to tests I am very healthy. Stress can affect ovulation, and the brain can put up a bit of a mental block at conceiving if under a lot of pressure.. of course this doesn't happen to everyone but I feel I am one of the unlucky few. Working to lower stress for my own good and we will see what happens.

18-08-13, 03:22
We've been trying 3 years,

I get anxious, nervous a lot, but I've had bloodtests & ovary scan, all fine so I dont think the anxiety is a problem as im still ovulating,

I've been told just relax, it'll happen from friends, when you least expect it etc, I think its science thought sperm meets egg, so what evers going on in your mind a baby can be made,

I'd advise anyone trying to go for tests after 12 months, we did & know hubby who nevergets anxious has fertility issues,

04-09-13, 15:46
Anxiety did not interfere with my fertility, my husband and i have got 2 children but have also lost 2. Im am sure this was not down to anxiety though so try not to worry :) Best of luck:hugs:

05-09-13, 02:34

We have been for our fertility referral

& hospital wasn't sure why we still haven't conceived

As hubby isn't really bad just below average

One of my tubes couldn't be checked because of a technical error so he said that could be the issue

But I have a good tube and confirmed ovulation after 40 cycles weve never had a positive pregnancy test,

It's all I think about, such a strong desire

On the waiting list for IVF, appointment hopefully summer 2014.