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31-07-11, 21:38
Hi i have to have an exercise ecg and worried as dont know what to expect. Am i going to have to run or jog for a long time? What do i wear? How long will it last? Silly questions but my heart will be racing before i even start so goodness knows what it will be at the end. Gotta keep calm! Not even got a date yet.

31-07-11, 21:55
Wear tracksuit bottoms and trainers. It doesn't matter what you wear on top as they will make you take your top off but you can wear your bra and a gown.

I did 11 minutes when I had one. It starts slow and then gets harder and faster.

31-07-11, 22:01
Thanks. Will need some trainers! An excuse to shop. Will get the wi fit out and see if i can run for 11 mins! Running with just my bra on not a pretty sight

31-07-11, 22:29
Well if you have any comfy shoes that you can walk fast in then use them. You don't need to run - it is more a brisk walk to be honest.

31-07-11, 22:51
Hey I had a stress test, the lady nurse put all the wires over my bra, then I put back on my t shirt, I also had on a blood pressure cuff,
I did get some chest heaviness, teeny bit of pain and felt out of breath.
They stopped tbe test early because my heart got to 230. But I'm really unfit.
It was more of a very fast walk on the treadmill rather than a run.
I was really nervous about it but it was ok, not as bad as I thought it would be.

01-08-11, 00:46
Thanks to you both for replying. Feel a bit better now i have some idea. Could they tell anything from your tests? I am also unfit. I do walk with the children but not at a very fast pace so mine will probably be stopped too. Esp with my normal panicking. My heart rate was 125and bp 163 just when having a resting ecg! Said i have an electrical problem hence further tests ecg, echo and 24hr bp. Thanks again