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04-08-11, 14:29
I've just been prescribed 25mg of this today to take for a week then 2 tablets for a week in the second week.Its for my obsessive behaviour tidying etc, mild OCD and anxiety and panic. I just want to chill out to summarise it up.

I was prescribed sertraline months ago but only lasted 4 days on it due to me feeling more scared than i've ever felt in my life and it was increasing by the day. The doctor thought i had a reaction to it, as once i stopped taking it, it took about 3 days to feel less scared, as it was leaving my system.

What to expect from Clomipramine, the doctor was brief, said they was good and would help but are they an SSRI? i've took one but im terrified of feeling the way i did on the sertraline.
Just want to chill out, stop feeling nervous etc. Im also on 80mg propranolol, do i continue these? he just said i can stop them! but isn't it bad to just stop? he wasn't very good really.
Any experiences welcome :)
claire x

04-08-11, 14:58
Hi there, clomipramine is a tricyclic AD, which is an older type than the SSRIs. It's supposed to be good for OCD and it stopped my PAs for several years. They did come back after a while, but there was a particular reason for that.

I took it for seven years in total. They made me very sleepy at first but that only lasted a week. I put on a lot of weight but I was prepared to accept that because they worked so well otherwise.

I continued on 30mg a day of propranolol while taking them. TBH, I'm not sure it's a good idea to stop the prop just like that, I'd have thought a slow taper would be better as if you don't feel right it will be impossible to tell whether it's because of clomip SEs or prop withdrawal. Did the doc mean you should stop the prop or you can stop if you like?

Good luck! xx

04-08-11, 15:52
Thanks for your quick reply :)
The doctor asked how long i had left of the prop and i said i had 4 days, he said finish those and then start these. Im on 80mg prop daily.
Im on repeat prescription for those so im wondering weither to put my repeat in as normal, as i don't want to just stop them.
Im glad they helped you, i guess im just scared of things going worse before they get better or a bad reaction like the Sertraline, it was pure terror on that for those days i was taking it.