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paula lynne
10-08-11, 18:19
Hi all, Ive been at it again with my cauldron, and come up with 2 more new soaps for the NMP shop, available from next Monday hopefully. Please consider purchasing one for yourself, or as a gift, and help Nic and the gang. Cheers!

The sweet vanilla one

This one is made in a cupcake mould and smells good enough to eat.
It contains-
Vanilla Oil
Organic sugar
Almond Oil
Tonka bean extract
Lemon Oil
Cherry Juice
Lavender Oil
Topped off with a blackcurrant sweet and a dusting of vanilla talc

(Although the sweet is real, please dont eat it! You will be blowing bubbles out of your backside for a week!)

The Lime, Grapefruit and Sea salt one
This smells fresh and clean, perfect for hands and bodies that need a good scrub! I aimed this at the fellas, but nice for ladies who dont like the sweet smelling soaps.

This one contains-
Sea Salt
Lime Oil
Lemon Oil
Olive Oil
Peppermint Oil
Organic Apple Juice
Spearmint Oil
Lavender Oil

I hope you enjoy them. Thanks to those who purchase them, in advance. :yesyes:Love Paula x

10-08-11, 18:55
Sounds yummy Paula and thank you very much for your hard work again. It is much appreciated.

Let me know if you need some money for the oils etc again.

paula lynne
10-08-11, 22:50
Youre very welcome Nic :)
Have boxed them up tonight, hope to get in the post Friday morning, should be with you Monday.
P x

11-08-11, 18:01
save me a cupcake one please nic x

11-08-11, 19:04
Will do Emms x

paula lynne
11-08-11, 22:45
Thanks very much Emms x:D

19-08-11, 22:14
These are now online in the shop so grab yours now before they go.

Thanks Paula

27-08-11, 22:14
Just to let you know that my soaps arrived yesterday, Nicola, thank you. Thanks also to Paula - they're fab! x

27-08-11, 22:34
Thanks for letting us know smurf

paula lynne
28-08-11, 11:35
Thanks Smurfette! :D

paula lynne
27-09-11, 23:40
Bump for new members! :)
Paula x

10-10-11, 16:05
I love your message.. Wish I was outside the box and free.

31-10-11, 21:52
Ahhhh thank you for bumping! just saw it and ordered a cupcake one and a wristband - cant wait for them to come! :yahoo:

Hazel B
31-10-11, 21:55
Sorry Paula, I missed this in August. I can only use non perfumed soap (boring) but yours look fab, I'll donate again to NMP instead of a purchase.

x x