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16-08-11, 10:21
I tend to write poems and songs and I have never had the courage to share them. This website has given me the belief to do so. I do encourage others to share there works too.

I shall post much of my work, when I am not busy thinking they are rubbish like me.



16-08-11, 10:42
I am writing this song as I type

Life is so short, when cutting the line
The panic inside is telling me lies
The days are running, there is no time
To fly me over, over and over.
Fly me over your bluest skies.


Take me from the deepest scar
Share the pain that lives on
Lets watch the world, lets fall apart
We cannot win unless we learn to depart

I shall try and do some more later. Need inspiration to finish

16-08-11, 11:03
www.allpoetry.com check it out :) im munkeyinblack on there 2 , a few of us from here are on there 2 :)

16-08-11, 20:31
Horseshoe Journey

Watching shadows chase themselves through the night

The stars are looking down without a sense of pity

Sounds of a world that is sleeping so comfortably

And here I lay, saddled with the thoughts of despair

Feeling like the oldest thorn on a rose now blunted

Hearing passing cars, feels like a step into the future

My emotions are swirling, becoming harder to tame

They may not stay around, but they leave a little scar

Like merciless waves that batter the groaning cliffs

Synthetic lighting shows the loneliness of mankind

Clouds are forming driven by nature’s greed for war

The rain beats down on the windows like a plague of fire

It lightens up my senses, fireworks in the midnight sky

Roots of fear spread across the floors and up the walls

I tell myself it’s just a trick, it’s just a trick

The atmosphere falls away and silence hits the floor

This symbol of life, this what we have to reflect on

The paths and veins in time that have lead us here

It’s just like a Horseshoe Journey I say

Have we nearly come full circle? Or just been lucky?

I wrote this a month ago. I want to enter it into a competition. I hope viewers like it.

15-11-11, 12:54
Been ages since I have been on this thread.

My imagination has kinda been mad recently. I will try and post something of good substance. :yesyes:

16-11-11, 00:25
Hi Mike,

what a lovely thread, and lovely song and peom. :yesyes: keep them coming. you are not rubbish, your precious in every way. your very supportive, good friend. :hugs:


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Rose Bud

Start as a seed deep down in the ground under soil,
Start to burst out and sprout,
Full of anger of rejection, guilt, hurts of the past.
Pushing and growing more in God's Love,
Breaking free from rejection, guilt all the hurts.
One last hurdle to break free,
A light at the end of the Tunnel,
I'm Free, I have became a rose bud,
I can open up now, I am free,
God's pouring in his love,
I can blossom out my beautiful petals,
God's Beautiful Rose has been set free!