View Full Version : gingko and clomipramine?

18-08-11, 11:44
Hi has anyone on clomipramine taken gingko with it?
I know it can effect blood pressure and possibly lower seizure threshold but wondering if anyone has any experience of taking the two together?
(I'm now on 50mg a day)...... Is going well for the anxiety and ocd....probably most effective thing i've ever taken but still struggling with the side effects! :blush:

18-08-11, 11:55
I took the two together Sootica (in my case I was trying ginkgo for ME) and didn't have any problems. Just be careful if you decide to give it a go and watch out for any adverse effects - or perhaps try to see an alternative practitioner for advice if you cane afford to xx

20-08-11, 14:22
Hiya, thanks Jane...I am waiting to get go ahead from the psychiatrist who prescribed them to me when I can get hold of him! Sounds promising though... love and light
Sooty :)