View Full Version : Endoscopy today 8/18

18-08-11, 22:42
Had my scope this morning. Went to a surgery center instead of a hospital. They took me back to a pre-op area. Got an IV going, gave me an anti acid medicine since I am known to have reflux, this dries out the secretions so the Doctor has a better view. I was then taken to the procedure room, they hooked up heart, bp and pulse monitors.

They gave me a dose of propofol which I was told would burn at the IV sight and it did but it made me laugh because I said to the nurse anestician "I am getting ready to go out aren't I", she said "YUP YOU ARE" and that was that. Woke up about 20 minutes later in the recovery room with my mother standing there laughing at me because they couldn't get me to wake up until they put a warm blanket on me and I suddenly shot up out of the bed and said "I was having a dream"!!! :roflmao:I was a bit ticked they had woke me up lol.

I felt a little dopey for about 30 minutes but was able to go shopping with my mother, had lunch out and then came home and played with my grand baby. Did have a short nap because I felt tired. Throat is only slightly scratchy but not hurting. Not a bad experience at all.

19-08-11, 18:04
Well done for getting through it Davinci! Sounds like you did well afterwards too - I slept for 17 hours!

20-08-11, 10:54
Well done you! I am so happy that you had a good experience. It sounds like they took very good care of you. Hope you get everything sorted now and are feeling better soon. x