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Afraid of flying? It is not an easy fear to overcome as once you get on that plane you have to really face the fear as there is no getting off! My fear of flying is caused by claustrophobia as I hate been shut in for so long. Other fears include "Why/how does it stay up there?", "What happens if we crash?", "How do I know it is safe?".

It is estimated that from 20 to 25% of people are frightened of flying and about 10% avoid flying altogether. Of those that do actually fly, more than 30% suffer some anxiety.

Try attending an airline's flying phobia course. I went on the Thomson Fly course three times so can speak from experience when I say that it is an excellent day full of information, presentations, talks, explanations and above all essential support which continues during the 1 1/2 hour flight.

There are talks from everyone involved during that day from the Captain who will be flying your plane down to the engineer who maintains the planes. There is also a doctor who will not only allay your fees but accompanies you on on the flight should he/she be needed. The staff are brilliant and cope tremendously with the tears, panics, last minute nerves and first-time-flyers.

Unfortunately after the events of 9/11 these courses were no longer offered by some airlines so you would need to check which ones still offer this experience.

Check out this site that may help you with tour fear of flying –