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Agrophobia – by Liz

I’m walking down the road
It’s a place I know quite well.
I know I am not lost
But where I am I can not tell.

Nothing feels real
It is as if I am not there
The traffic is buzzing around my head
So I can only stand and stare.

I’m too scared to go forwards
and scared to turn back.
Everything is blurry
And starting to turn black.

My legs have turned to jelly
And my pluse begins to race.
I feel the sweat on my brow
Start to run right down my face.

I feel really strange.
I’m not blind, but I can’t see.
It feels like a dream
That I’m watching on tv.

I don’t remember where I am
or even where I’ve been.
I want to shout and yell for help.
But I’m scared to make a scene.

I knew this was a mistake
to go walking on my own.
No one knows how scared I feel.
I just want to go home.