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Hell is Home


Darkened soul as black as night
A life I live so full of fright
Evil thoughts that fill my head
Each night I wish that I was dead
For far to long I have suffered so
When it's my time ill be glad to go
Heavens not what waits for me
Hells the place that I will be
Just like in life the pain I feel
For eternity my voice will squeal
In the burning flames of hell

Till the end of time I shall dwell
The devil laughs points to the sea
Made of fire this is his decree
So I jump in of my own accord
Joining in with the screaming horde
I do not flinch or cry out in pain
How can this be in his domain
Looking back I laugh at him
Upon his face a look so grim
Into my mind I feel him pry
Not a single thought do I deny
From the day of my own death
To my birth and my first breath
He sees it now, he sees it all
My whole life hits him like a squall
Liquid flames fall from his eyes
This is how the devil cries
Hands to face and on his knees
Stop it stop it I'm begging please
So I pull back what I keep confined
Even to him I am not unkind
I am not evil or even bad
Just depressed and very sad
So I will ask to make hell my home
And within its gates I will roam
For like my life its what I no
I did not reap but will always sew