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Indecision – by Liz

I need to decide so help me please
I’m asking you on bended knees
I just can’t face the day ahead
I want to spend the day in bed

So many things I need to do
Before I see my day right through
I want to go
I want to stay
I want my panic to go away

I need to get up
But I want to lie down
I don’t know whether to laugh or frown.

What should I wear? T-shirt or jumper?
Trousers, may be or I could wear a skirt?
I’ve change my mind I’ll wear a shirt.

I want to stand up
No, I want to sit there
I’m even indecisive about the chair.

Should I do this?
Or should I do that?
I don’t want to talk
Wait, I feel like a chat.

I want to be calm
I want to panic
I’m feeling okay
No, I’m feeling quite manic.

I’ve got myself in to a state
My life is ruled by split decision
Oh I hate this Indecision