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Panic – By Liz

Here I sit alone on the chair,
I’m wondering how on earth I got there.
One day I was fine, I was doing alright,
Then the next day it was all fight or flight.

Feelings of fear have got in to my brain,
Am I dying or am I insane?
I don’t understand what made me this way,
I’m scared and I’m shaking for hours a day.

I don’t want to go out, but too scared to stay in,
Even the quietest of noise sounds like a din.
The light is too bright, but I’m scared of the dark,
I’m too tired to think and I can’t even talk.

What on earth is happening to me?
To be awake for one hour, is too long you see.
I’m ashamed and embarrassed as I tremble with fear.
I’d scream for help, if I thought someone could hear.

I’m hot and I’m sweating as my blood starts to cook,
I try watching TV, I try reading a book.
My chest is tight, I feel faint, I feel sick.
I’d turn and run, but my legs feel like brick.

The phone starts to ring and I’m curled up on the floor,
I’m frightened and shaking, I can’t take anymore.
I try to relax, because I just want to sleep
But my throat is too dry and my heart starts to leap.

I’m curled up and rocking, to and then fro.
Backwards and forwards, but the symptoms won’t go.
I feel alone, no one understands,
I’m stamping my feet and wringing my hands.

I don’t want to eat, I think I’m going mad.
What did I do to get punished this bad ?
I want to be normal and happy again.
But what can I do anxiety has taken over my brain.

I try to go out, then a little bit more
I’m right up the street and away from the door.
Distraction’s the key, so I must keep it going,
Calming thoughts, so relaxation is flowing.

I’m starting to get well, I can manage a smile,
It’s been such hard work and it’s taken a while.
So be brave, fearless and strong
Take little steps and you can’t go wrong.

So don’t be afraid if your chest feels tight
Take some deep breaths and say you’ll be alright.
Staying calm and controlled, that is the key,
Try hard, don’t give up and soon you’ll be free.