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Rally Cry


Morbid dreams from days long past
Haunt my future with visions vast
Screams that will echo to the of time
But none do hear the gestures I mime
A face contorted from sights obscene
Behind my eyes on the silver screen
Mountains inside me being ever built
Larger they grow my unending guilt
My soul is mutilated, twisted and rent
Burnt and beaten and permanently bent
People mock me, tell me how to be free

Though they mean well, they do not see
The struggle inside me is not good vs. bad
Its fighting depression, not wanting the sad
So I do fight against my dismay
And on my face try not to display
But battle is raging, the war nearly won
Well see who wins as soon as its done
Heaven and hell will both do there best
So pray in the end I find myself blessed
And walk away no longer depressed
This is my goal, with it I'm obsessed