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By Lauren

I'm cool and I'm calm as I slide into bed,
Another day is over and I survived just like you said.
So I snuggle up and shut my eyes tight
and I pray that dawn comes without too much of a fight.

It's 2am when the terrors begin,
That voice in my head is making such a din.
Will I faint? Or shall I be sick?

I can't take a breath, it's all happening too quick.
My legs are moving like they're trying to run
My whole body knows this has only just begun.

I can shout and cry but nobody will hear,
They have their own lives and to them it's so clear.
"Just take a deep breath and distract yourself"
Gee why had I never thought of that myself?

So now I need your help, I need you to try
I have the will but my ideas have run dry.
I'm begging you please,
won't you help free me of this disease?