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The doubting poem – By Jeannie

What did they say?
What did they do?
What did they look like?
Have another think,
have another think,
just one more tiny thought.

Was it good or was it bad?
Was it said to please you?
Was it said to hurt you?

Can I believe it?
Can I accept it?
Can I go with it,
was it really meant?

What if they’re lying?
What if they’re teasing me?
What if they don’t mean what they say?

I’ll just go round and check if things are alright.
I’ll just give them a ring.
I just need to check,
just one more time……

Stop doubting everything, everybody,
not everyone wants to hurt you.
Stop listening to thoughts,
that want to help you protect yourself,
when really they are demoralising you.

What will happen if I change my ways?
What and how will I feel?
What will I think?
What will I do?

Can I start to think differently?
Can I start a different way of life?
Can I believe in myself?

How can I change my ways?
How can I change my life?
How can I make myself believe?
Believe in somebody important –
in ME!!!!