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There’s an angel in my eyes – BY EDWARD JONES AKA HURTSSOMUCH

Through life we soar, like birds unbound
From tree to tree, the whole world round
On the winds of life, do we all glide
Till a day a tree, with did I collide
Falling fast, with a broken wing
To the air I tried, desperately to cling

That’s when I saw her, an angel you see
She was flying fast, strait to me
She held out her hand, and cradled my fall
In her clutches I felt, no more then a doll
For days she held me, in her comforting embrace
Each time that I looked, a smile on her face
My wing had been mended, and I was well

With a kiss on my head, she bid me farewell
I flapped and I flew, to the branch of a tree
I heard from her voice, be careful and be free
A dark storm blowing, and far up in the sky
I could see a brother bird, trying to fly
I jumped off of my branch, and took to the air
The look on his face, so full of despair

I held out my hand, and I cradled his fall
Then looked at myself, in wonder and awe
An angel I am, she did this for me
So I tended his wounds, be careful be free

(I dedicate this poem to all the wonderful people that spend the time help others, even though they have problems of there own, their are truly angels here on earth.)