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Dave’s Story

Just thought I would share my story with everyone as a new member. I started having panic attacks about four months ago – one evening while I was at work – I had a migraine a couple of days before, which was out of the ordinary for me, I was taken to hospital from work as I’d never had a panic attack before ( I thought I was dying ) a feeling all of you here are no doubt only to aware of.

Anyhow I was sent home from A&E with a printout on panic attacks, the attacks got worse over the next couple of days and I went to my GP where I collapsed in the surgery so after another trip to A&E I was told I had a viral infection. I was given medication for that but the panic attacks just got worse and were near constant for the following week – I went back to the GP and was put on Cypralex I took it for four days it made me very ill and I ended up spending four days in the cardiac ward at hospital. I’m now on another anti depressant and the panic attacks have subsided but I have a near constant feeling of dread and I always find it difficult to breath. I have no idea where this all came from but reading others stories on this site has given me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I’m still signed off work and rapidly running out of money!!!! one thing that I would say to anyone who suffers with Generalised anxiety disorder, is never give up and you really need to push yourself. It’s inside you to get better. now I’ve accepted this I’ve made some progress in the last couple of weeks. This really has been the worse experience in my life so far (I’m 28) my mother died in a Phychiatric ward when I was young and my father left. After some councelling I dont really think this was the issue. Accept that you may never find the answer for why things happen they key is to stop looking and started doing something about it. I know its hard. I find it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning. But together we all can get better. Take care Dave