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Jades Story

It started on September 2003, the 2 year anniversary of the 9/11. I went up to form room at school and all of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe, my limbs became stiff. I didn’t know what was happening 2 me

…. As I was in the medical room at my school there was no 1 there, of course it was at nine a clock so obviously no one was there. I was there for 10 minutes on my own when all of a sudden my body was turning into a crap, I couldn’t move! my breathing was getting more difficult by the minute. at 09:15 this girl came down to give in a note to the nurse when she saw me, she quickly reacted and asked me what was happening, so I said I think I’m having a panic attack. seconds later the nurse came, not the one I was expecting, he gave me a paper bag and told me to breathe into it, I couldn’t, I had no grip in my hands. it was 10:00 that I managed to start walking, so I went to second lesson at 10:15. through out that day I couldn’t breathe. it was horrible, and the school day after that I didn’t not go as I had another panic attack during the night. ever since that terrifying day I have always had a panic attack, I have them every night, well, every skool night as I fear that I will have those panic attacks, but worse, but the panic attacks at night are not all that bad, just a warning.

Jade AKA Scooter Girl