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Jason’s Story

I’ll keep this story short (hopefully), I’m 23 and have been having panic attacks for the better part of 3 years. I’ll list what makes me have these attacks:

– Job interviews
– Driving; but only when I have people in the car with me
– Speeches or just being put on the spot

**Quick symptoms: choking(gaging), coldness, heart pounding, clammy hands, dry mouth, feeling of unreality, feels like the anxiety is a separate entity.

With interviews I’m fine about 30 mins before but it builds and builds right to the moment I have to open my mouth. I get an overwhelming sensation of choking, and this choking causes me to gag, sometimes making me throw up. It’s all because I can’t escape the situation and has to do with being put on the spot. I haven’t worked in like a year (I love my parents). What is really annoying is that about 2 seconds into the interview; it goes away and I know this yet it keeps happening.

Driving is weird. When I’m alone it’s fine because I could pull over anytime if I feel threatened so I don’t even get panic attacks or agoraphobia. When I have people in the car; it’s worse, it’s the same choking feeling. I feel embarrassed to pull over so I don’t and that makes me panic. I feel that it would make people who don’t understand feel weird and look at me differently. Even though most of my friends know and it doesn’t bother them; I still feel this way.

Speeches is for obvious reasons, just times your nervousness by 10 and you have me.

The funny thing is that I basically know what the root of this all is. I’m a very confident guy, have lots of friends, have had girlfriends(not currently) etc. People see me as an easy-going, exciting person. When it comes down to it, I care what people think and that makes me panic if I feel that they might be judging me. No bad experiences or deaths…not really sure why it showed up.

So even though a feel in touch with the root of my anxiety or panic attacks; I still get consumed by them in certain situations. Get back to me if you have questions about my story.