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Karen’s Story


My Story is weird I guess… I still don´t think no one feels like me, when I was 18 I got married I got pregnant the first month of being married then when I was 6 month of pregnancy, one day I remember I woke up and felt like if I had something in my eye (left) like something that did not let me see good,

I started feeling Anxious and nervous could not sleep or be alone had to move with my mom, the Eye thing that I felt in the corner of my eye never went away I had my baby and still felt bad, I feel terrifying like I am weird, I never took any medication late on like 2 years ago I woke up some other day I had forgotten about the eye then I woke up in the middle of the night one day and I felt I had something inside my ear(right) ear, I started walking around like crazy my heart starting going faster and faster and I felt like I was deaf from that ear, I could not control it ,

It though I had mental Problems … or that I was going crazy for feeling like this, and this weird thing, later on I started feeling worst my baby is now 3 years and a half and lately I feel like I will faint I feel dizzy going crazy and I feel like if I have to get out of my body or like if I was not real. I still had never hear of any one feel this things, I still feel bad I feel I have problems with my eyes my ears I feel my hands get light like if I did not have them, I will get a stomach hirt I feel like needles in my body, light head and I will woke up in the middle of the nigh scare of …. I don´t know.

I know this is the weirdest story ever but I wanted to share it with you… it has been 15 days since I started taking (Fluoxetina) I feel like i gotten Worst… I am depressive I have a BABY and I will give anything to pretend I never felt this way or it never happened, I never went back to be the same person I was , and I am still fighting this and I wish this is over.

I’m 22 years old now and never felt worst in my life, some times I can not feel my entire body at all. Well just a little about me.