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Lucys Story

I had my first panic attack at 11 years old, due to being badly bullied at school, that only lasted for short a while, my teenage years were pretty good, out socialising etc, with friends, I settled down with my partner and had a kid when I was 18 then bang panic attacks, sweats, shakes, felt I was going out of control, it was horrible

…… I saw a CPN for a year and I was trying all these different antidepressants, made me feel worse, so I stopped altogether trying other ones, I did get better, just went out one day with my son in his pram, even went on a train, that all lasted up to 3 years ago, panic attacks came back, started drinking alcohol trying to block them out, then I landed up having another problem with drink, it all leaded into agoraphobia, couldn’t get out of the house, had a social worker, and a support worker, when they sort of backed of me, I had to go myself with my son to the local shop to get food etc, but by this time I stopped drinking I had to or my kid wouldn’t got taking of me, I am 31 now and I can go to local shop, but cant manage to get any further than that, I have had a good year this year, going to concerts, holidays (staying within Scotland) but its a start for me, I’m even taking driving lessons. I know myself if I don’t push myself to much one day I will go out there by myself, just hoping it will be pretty soon, cause I’m fed up in house, my sons at school and my partners at work, so if anyone would like to contact me please feel free, I love to hear from anyone who is similar to me.

Lucy (